What are "Blue Light" Lenses?

Our blue light blocking lens, are for maximum protection from the bright lights that come from computer and other screens.


Can I order with my prescription?

At this time we do not offer that as a service--however, the lenses can be easily removed to have your eye doctor customize your glasses/lenses with your prescription with ease.


Does the glasses include a charger?

Oh, absolutely! A charger is included with all glasses. Inside your box you will find: Glasses, Charger, Cleaning Cloth and Instructions.


How long does the glasses run?

Our Gen 1 smart glasses has a playback time of 7 hours / Our Gen 2 glasses have a playback time of 12 hours.


What are the difference between the Gen 1 and Gen 2?

Gen 1 are slightly bigger in the frames and are operated with Buttons on the glasses legs. Gen 2, however, is operated by taps and swipes on the glasses outer leg. See a video on our Installation here.

See Gen 1 & Gen 2 comparison below.


How do I power on/my Gen 1 & Gen 2 Smart Glasses?

Gen 1: Hold the button on the right leg down for 3 seconds to power on and off.

Gen 2: Simply open both legs on the glasses and they will automatically power on. Close them to power off.


How are the glasses charged?

The glasses have a magnetic placement on both legs to place your charger strips. The charger utilizes USB that can be plugged into a charging block, computer or any available USB outlet.


How does the sound play?

The glasses have "In-directional" speakers on the legs directly near the ear so that the sound is going inward and not outward. The inward speakers allow for sound privacy.


Can I talk on Phone?

Yes, you can. The glasses have 2-way mics that allows for phone conversations. You are also able to answer and reject phone calls directly from your glasses legs.


Do the glasses have video capabilities?

No. NSPRE smart glasses are audio glasses supporting music playback and phone calls. The audio wearables do not have video recording.


How do I know when my glasses need charging?

If your NSPRE glasses are dying and need charging, a voice indicator will inform you that your battery is running low. The indicator with warn you 3 times before powering off.