**NSPRE Electronics Third-Party Purchasing Disclaimer**

At NSPRE Electronics, we value our customers' choices and understand that you may choose to purchase our products from third-party retailers or authorized distributors. We appreciate your interest in our brand and products. However, it is essential to be aware of certain considerations when making purchases from third-party sources.

**1. Authenticity and Genuine Products**

NSPRE Electronics guarantees the authenticity and quality of our products when purchased directly from our official website or authorized NSPRE Electronics retailers. We cannot guarantee the authenticity or quality of products bought from unauthorized third-party sellers.

**2. Warranty Coverage**

Warranty coverage for NSPRE Electronics products is only valid when purchased from our official website or authorized retailers. Purchases from unauthorized sellers will not be eligible for our warranty support.

**3. Customer Support and Service**

For customers who purchase NSPRE Electronics products directly from our website or authorized retailers, we offer dedicated customer support and service. Purchasing from unauthorized sellers may result in limited or no access to our customer support channels.

**4. Risk of Counterfeit Products**

Buying NSPRE Electronics products from unauthorized sources poses a risk of receiving counterfeit or substandard items. Counterfeit products can be of inferior quality, may not function as expected, and can even pose safety hazards.

**5. Returns and Refunds**

Our return and refund policies apply only to purchases made directly from NSPRE Electronics or authorized retailers. For purchases from unauthorized sellers, please refer to the seller's return and refund policies, which may vary.

**6. Pricing and Discounts**

NSPRE Electronics sets the official pricing and offers for our products on our website and through authorized retailers. Prices and discounts offered by unauthorized sellers may differ, and we cannot guarantee the validity of such promotions.

**7. Unofficial Channels**

Purchasing NSPRE Electronics products from unofficial channels, including auction websites, unauthorized online platforms, or unauthorized physical stores, may result in negative experiences and lack of customer protection.


While we respect your freedom to choose where to purchase NSPRE Electronics products, we urge you to exercise caution and verify the authenticity and credibility of third-party sellers. To ensure the best experience, we recommend purchasing directly from our official website or authorized NSPRE Electronics retailers.

For any questions or concerns related to purchasing NSPRE Electronics products, warranty, or customer support, please contact our official customer support team.

Unless otherwise stated via our website, we do not sell our products on any other marketplaces such as: eBay, Facebook, Amazon, etc.