Earn up to 15% on every single sale using your referral link or coupon code.

When those you refer use your coupon code or referral link, you'll receive 5% of the pre-tax sale amount. The more referrals you accumulate, the higher you can move up in tiers and earn a maximum of 15% of all sales.

Refer via Links or by creating Coupon Codes

Refer your family, friends, and followers in a way that works best for you. Create links to specific products and pages on our store, or generate codes that you can distribute as you wish, ensuring you earn your commission on your sales.

Get Paid Monthly + Move up!

Receive your payouts on a monthly basis when you have $25 or more in commissions. For Tier 2 and 3 affiliates, payouts are available bi-weekly with a minimum of $25 in accumulated commissions. 

Get Free Merch + Gadgets

Get free merchandise when you surpass various referral quotas. This merchandise can vary from tees, hoodies, earbuds, accessories, and even NSPRE Smart Glasses. Achieve your first 5 referrals (excluding yourself) and receive a free TNCFL Tee of your choice.


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