Smart Eyewear: The problem this Black Owned Consumer Lifestyle brand is solving

Smart Eyewear: The problem this Black Owned Consumer Lifestyle brand is solving

The Issue:

Eyewear with audio capabilities is rarely heard of in the consumer electronics world. With the rise in distractions from handheld devices, millennial consumers often search for more convenient tech, such as Bluetooth earpieces, earbuds, and even smartwatches. But very rarely does anyone think of smart eyewear for their convenient tech needs. NSPRE® smart eyewear addresses the need for less distraction, the ability to remain social while listening to music or taking phone calls, and, most importantly, affordability for such cutting-edge tech functions.

NSPRE's Solution:

With NSPRE® smart eyewear, we have created a line of optical glasses and sunglasses that take your eyewear experience up a notch. Our smart glasses bring useful smart and Bluetooth® connectivity to any mobile device, including tablets, Bluetooth® capable consoles/computers, and even televisions. With their in-directional sound, this feature keeps music, phone calls, and streaming private, while keeping you aware of your surroundings.

Our Advantage:

We provide the ability to incorporate your eyewear into your digital life without interrupting your social life, with affordable smart technology.

The Design:

Wanting to keep the original eyewear experience in mind, all NSPRE® designs are stylish, modern, comfortable, anti-slip, and affordable. Despite their Bluetooth® connectivity and eyewear tech, the glasses remain lightweight and without bulky features.

The Need for RX Lens:

Keeping RX needs in mind for all consumers, we ensured that the lenses were easily removable for local EyeMDs to customize your lens as needed. This extends the features of our smart eyewear to everyone without limitations.

Check out this customer who did just that!

NSPRE® Smart eyewear is simply a mixture of glasses + headphones. Because they are sunglasses/glasses, they eliminate ear coverings and earplugs and don't shut you out from your surroundings. Visiting the Bluetooth® settings on your device, you simply connect them and go!

On-Glasses Controls (Control from up to 30ft):

  • Answer/Reject Calls
  • Listen and Control your music
  • Volume Control
  • Siri and Google Assist


Others that will benefit greatly:

  • Truck Drivers: Staying hands-free for up to 7 hours to make phone calls, listen to music, and access other basic functions without touching their phone. For example, activating Siri or Google Assist.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Power your walk, jog, or workout without the need to physically touch your phone to control sound and calls.
  • Avid/Daily Drivers: Accidents due to distractions from cell phones are 1.6 million each year. The ability to answer or reject a call directly from your glasses and keeping your eye on the road can reduce these kinds of accidents.
  • Essential Workers: Many jobs do not allow the use of earbuds, headphones, or other Bluetooth devices that could distract a person from their daily work duties. Because eyewear is an essential part of the average person's day, glasses with Bluetooth technology could override the limitations on using "Audio devices" while working.
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