Months after the release of our flagship smartphone, the NX Pro Plus, we were already eager to release our next phone. Let's just say the next release didn't come as soon as we liked, but the work didn't stop.

Deciding to let time go by and see what everyone cared about the most in their smartphones, while also taking major feedback from our first drop, we couldn't have chosen a better time to launch.

I mean, even if it meant 4 years later – on the anniversary of our first smartphone.

Here we are in 2024. After 4 years of fun, work, trial and error, and lots of balled-up paper, we're finally gearing up to release the N1. The first of the N Series, it signifies starting over, starting fresh, and going back to one.


Over the last couple of years, NFC has become one of the most requested features in smartphones, software-wise. Being able to enter a store and make a payment without shuffling for your wallet or keeping up with debit cards is a major convenience. Especially for this age of millennials, we're beginning to hate plastic cards.
A major feature we left out of our first smartphone release – there was no way we could do that again!

Hopefully, Walmart starts accepting it soon. Or are you a Target shopper? Okay, back on track...

Android 12

Upgraded Camera

Our first smartphone featured a 16MP rear camera, setting a minimum standard for photo quality. This time around, we've taken things to the next level, packing the NSPRE N1 with a 50MP dual AI camera.
Say goodbye to needing perfect lighting for dope shots!
 N1 by NSPRE 2024 NX by NSPRE 2020
Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Unisoc SC9863
Qualcomm IMG
50MP Main Camera 16MP Main Camera
5150MAH Battery  64W  4000MAH Battery 20W
Up to 48 Hour Battery Up to 24 Hour Battery
8G + 128GB / 1TB 6G + 128GB / 256GB
Android 12+ Android 10 Max
6.5 Inch Display 6.35 Inch Display
5G 4G
NFC Tech Non-NFC
120Hz Refresh Rate 70Hz Refresh Rate


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